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Welcome to the North Georgia Mountains, where one of our luxury cabins will be your temporary home away from home for the next few days or longer.... Your stay will be much more relaxing if you familiarize yourself with the pertinent cabin information prior to your arrival.

Our easy to understand directions will be sent directly to your email 7 days prior to arrival and it will include a specific lockbox code for your particular cabin. Please keep these handy or download our app, as we highly recommend you follow them and not try to GPS your way to one of our properties. When you arrive at the cabin please be sure to look around and confirm everything is in working order.  If you are having a difficult time operating any of the cabin equipment, such as, AC, heat, TV, stereo, hot tub, gas logs, etc. please check either the cabin booklet or laminates which will be located near the appliance for instructions on how to operate it.  If upon arrival something is truly wrong with the cabin, please feel free to call Morning Breeze at 888.875.5669 so we can either assist you over the phone or if needed send out assistance. . The sooner we are made aware of an issues in the cabin, the faster we can resolve it.

Emergency numbers are listed in the cabin booklet that is left on the table or countertop in the kitchen. For your convenience all of our North Georgia cabin rentals will also have a laminated sheet on the refrigerator with the address, phone number and WiFi code for your particular cabin. Morning Breeze Cabin Rental's office is open Monday-Friday 8am-7pm, with after hours being limited to true emergencies so please restrict after hour calls to issues that need to be addressed before we reopen. We also have weekend property managers available Saturday and Sunday if you are staying in the cabin and have an issue.

Thank you again for staying with Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals, we hope you have a wonderful time in North Georgia!


Unfortunately it's time to go home and we try and make departure as pain-free as possible. You will find an easy to follow list of things that we ask you to do prior to leaving the cabin.

  • Please place all sheets, pillow cases, kitchen towels, and bath towels in the cabins laundry area ( if applicable). Leave all comforters and blankets on the bed(s). If you would like, you may start the laundry for the cleaning crew (Thank you!), but please do not mix colors and whites in the washer.
  • Run dishwasher, dry and put all dishes back in the kitchen cabinets ( if you are running behind, please just load it and start the cycle).
  • Leave all garbage in the pre-lined garbage can that is outside of your cabin. Please do not leave any loose garbage behind.
  • If you are traveling with a dog, please make sure there is no dog hair on any furniture or bedding (comforter, sofa etc.) and there is no excess dog hair in the cabin. Our cleaners will charge for any excess hair, and we must pass this charge onto our guests. We also ask that you pick up and bag any pet deposits in the yard and place them outside in the garbage cans
  • Set the thermostat temperature to 60 degrees in the Winter and the AC to 80 degrees in the Summer.
  • Leave fireplace pilot light on.
  • Do not turn down heat in the hot tub below 90 degrees.
  • Unplug small kitchen appliances, such as, coffee machine, blender etc.
  • Thoroughly inspect the cabin for all personal belongings
  • If furniture has been moved, please make sure it is arranged in its original position before departure.
  • Don't forget to sign the guest book! Your feedback is very important to us!
  • Lock the door and place the key back in the lock box.
  • Let us know on your "Glad to have you" app that you have departed!

Be safe driving and give us a call at 888.875.5669 to schedule your next visit!