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What are lock-off rooms?

With our larger cabin rentals that have more than two (2) bedrooms, we simply lock the third or fourth bedrooms and charge a lower nightly rate plus a lower cleaning fee. Don't worry – there will not be any other parties sharing the cabin with you.

Are the roads paved, and will my car be able to make it up the mountain?

Unless you are being dropped off by a helicopter, the only way to get to a cabin with a spectacular view of the gorgeous North Georgia mountains is to drive up the mountain. Many of the roads are steep, and a good many are gravel or dirt and can be quite bumpy at times. If a 4WD vehicle is needed, we will list it on that cabin's web page. If there is no mention of a 4WD vehicle being required, that means our cleaning crew, handyman, maintenance companies, and prior guests have traveled this road and made it to the cabin without any issues. Almost all of the cabins that have spectacular mountain views will have you driving in an upward direction. So, if this is something that makes you nervous, we would highly suggest one of our lower-lying water properties. Most of our lake cabins are easy drives on paved roads. Feel free to call or email BEFORE booking if you would like assistance choosing a cabin based on the drive.

Are there bugs, wasps, spiders, snakes, scorpions, mice, and bears that we may encounter while visiting?

This is definitely a possibility, as all of the above live in abundance in the beautiful North Georgia mountains, but the good news is, most of the time you will not encounter any of them. If you do, it's typically outside of your cabin; on rare occasions they do get inside (not the bears). All of our cabin rentals are under regular pest control service, but certain times of the year you may still encounter some of the insects. You might run into some extra luck during the winter months, due to hibernating ladybugs.  They like to come out on the warmer days.  Keep in mind, they are harmless.  If you have a critter or bug phobia, this may not be the ideal vacation for you, as an anxiety attack does not make for an enjoyable trip.

Will we be in the woods all by ourselves, or are there other cabins around?

Several of our cabin rentals are truly secluded and you will feel like you are the only ones out there; however, most will have other cabins in the surrounding area. Keep in mind, even if there are other properties nearby, you will still have plenty of privacy at your cabin as we don't put them on our program if they are too close to a neighboring cabin. Feel free to check with our reservation office if you have any questions regarding privacy/seclusion.

What if I hear loud noises at night?

You may hear noises outside and that is not unusual in any way. There is abundant wildlife in the mountains. Just sit back and enjoy the wildlife from the deck or through the window. You also may hear nuts dropping on the roof, especially in the fall. Metal roofs can be loud but the sound of rain on them is wonderful!

Can my kids sleep on the sofa or on an air mattress?

No. Each cabin has a maximum occupancy listed on the cabin page. We do not allow additional guests above that number. We take great pride in having beautiful cabins and in order to maintain these cabins without overuse, additional guests are not permitted. We also know that the water and septic can accommodate the maximum occupancy, and we don't want to cause any damage from too many guests using the facility.

Can I use my GPS to find my cabin rental?

Please do not attempt to use the GPS, as many of the roads in the North Georgia mountains are not mapped correctly or don't show up on some of the older mapping programs. If you use a GPS, you may end up on a difficult road that dead ends or leads you in endless circles. Seven (7) days prior to arrival, we will send you exact, step-by-step directions that will lead you to the front door of your cabin.

What if some damages occur to the property during my stay?

Lucky for you 95% of our cabins have the Damage Protection Waiver included in the fee - This is a non-refundable charge that is included on all reservations. It services as protection of up to $600 for accidental or unintentional damage to the rental property and its contents. (please read our terms and conditions for a full explanation of coverage)

There are a handful of cabins that have a Damage Deposit in lieu of the protection waiver 

Where do I check in?

You don't have to! We make it super easy – just follow the step-by-step directions that we send to you seven (7) days prior to your arrival at the cabin. You may arrive at your cabin rental any time after your assigned check-in time, locate the lock box and enter in the code that we have listed on the directions. You will open the box and find the cabin key inside. It's now time to begin your vacation in the gorgeous North Georgia mountains!

Can I arrive at my cabin rental before my check-in time?

Our goal is to have the cabin ready for your check-in time. You may request an early check-in (2-3 pm) and we will do our best to accommodate. If there are guests checking out the day you are arriving, an early check-in would not be possible. During our busy seasons, cleaners may need to spend a few extra minutes at the property ensuring everything is ready for your stay. On the rare occasion that a cleaner is still at the cabin when you arrive, please be patient and allow them to complete their job.

What if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation up to 21 days prior to arrival for a $75 cancellation fee.* If you are less than 21 days from your arrival date Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals can open up your dates to see if they rebook. If the cabin does re-book for the same rental rate, you will have the opportunity to stay with us within the next 90 days of the original reservation dates. If you cabin does not rebook there is no refund or rescheduling.  If you need to change your reservation, you can do so up to 21 days prior to arrival for a $50 change fee. *See Five Star Lodge and Stables for specific change/cancellation policy.

Are there grocery stores in the area for us to pick up supplies?

Yes, all of our cabin rentals are within 15-25 minutes from a grocery store, including Super Walmart and Ingles in both the lovely mountain towns of Ellijay and Blue Ridge. You will most likely pass one on the way to your cabin.

Is there a washer and dryer at the cabin?

All of our cabin rentals have washer/dryers for you to use if needed. We even leave you two laundry soap pods if you would like to wash something or refresh your towels. If you bring extra laundry detergent, just get the regular kind and not the high-efficiency type.

Do I have to bring my own charcoal or gas for the grill?

Check your specific cabin rental page to see what type of grill is provided. You would need to bring your own charcoal and lighter fluid for charcoal grills (only two cabins have these). We provide the propane for gas grills, and there is typically an extra tank locked up next to the grill in case you run out.

Will there be supplies for us when we get to the cabin?

When you arrive, your cabin will have all the basics that you will need for your stay. This includes sheets, towels and items for cooking and eating (dishes, silverware, cookware, etc.) All of our cabins are individually owned, so the styles and supplies vary from cabin to cabin but there will be enough to serve the number of guests that your cabin rental can accommodate. If you have a certain gadget, tool, or pot that you rely on to cook, feel free to bring it from home. When you arrive, we will have left out a starter supply of basic paper goods and soaps to help get you through the first 24 hours. There will be a mini shampoo, a bar of soap, and a roll of toilet paper in each bathroom. In the kitchen, you will find one roll of paper towels, three (3) white trash bags, some soap for dishes, and dish-washing detergent. We also leave a pod or two for laundry. There will be a dish cloth to wash your dishes, but if you prefer a sponge or brush, please bring with you. If you have a pet, be sure and bring a crate if you are going to leave your furry friend alone in the cabin. Also bring an extra towel or blanket if you would like Fido to sit with you on the furnishings. We will provide a pet bed and food/water bowl.

How many towels will be left out for us?

We supply two (2) bath towels, one (1) hand towel and two (2) washcloths per guest listed on your cabin rental reservation form, so please be sure to put the correct number of guests you will have. This ensures you have the proper number waiting for you when you arrive at the cabin.

Are there additional towels for the hot tub?

No, we do not have extra towels for the hot tub, but you are welcome to bring some of your own if the two we leave out for you are not enough.

Should I tip the cleaner?

If you feel the cleaner has gone above and beyond in their job and you would like to leave a little bit extra, you absolutely can leave a tip. 

Will there be coffee, tea bags, filters, sugar, and creamer?

Unfortunately, we cannot leave any type of food items in the cabin due to liability issues, but you will most likely find coffee filters, salt and pepper shakers, and occasionally unopened items such as tea bags or some spices.

What about fire wood for those chilly nights in the North Georgia mountains?

If your cabin has a wood-burning fireplace or fire pit, then we will have approximately 20 pieces of firewood left out for you for stays from October through March. We do not provide kindling/starter so you may want to consider bringing a Duraflame type log or other starter wood. No liquid accelerant is allowed in any form as it is very dangerous. For April through September, you may use the outside fireplaces and fire pits, but you will need to bring your own wood. All indoor fireplaces are non-operational April through September and cannot be used during those months. 

Are parties allowed? 

No, parties are allowed. No guests, other than the ones that are noted on the reservation, are allowed. If additional guests are at the cabin without our prior knowledge and permission, you may be evicted.

What if we get there and some of the light bulbs are out?

All of the light bulbs are checked when the cleaner is there, but they do occasionally burn out (sometimes several at one time). Typically, we leave a light bulb or two under the kitchen sink. If it's not too much trouble, you may replace the bulb yourself. If it's one that's overhead and you need it done immediately, please don't hesitate to call us.

What if the electricity/phone/Internet/water go out?

Sometimes utilities go down in the mountains, especially if there is a storm. Just call the 888 number on the fridge and let the property manager know. We'll make all the necessary calls, and utilities are usually restored in a reasonable amount of time. Keep in mind that we have no control over a utility outage. If you would like to check the outage map yourself, here is the direct link 

What if my rental property is not cleaned properly upon arrival?

Although it is extremely rare, sometimes errors happen. Please call us immediately and we will get someone out there to address the problem. Even if you don't want someone to come out and take care of it, we still would like to know if there was a problem. Just call or email us immediately so we can address or at least document the issue.

If I have an issues, should I call the 888 number? Will I get charged extra if I do so?

Most of the time, this falls under the common sense rule as to whether you should call during the day or the middle of the night. If you are unsure of where something is, how to work the remote, or what the Wi-Fi code is, you can first reference the cabin booklet or the refrigerator. If it's 1:00 in the morning and the remote doesn't work, you can't find the can opener, or you noticed there are not enough towels in your rental cabin, please wait until the morning to address this. If you arrive and any appliance including the hot tub, A/C, or heat is not working, please call us immediately. Our goal is to make sure you have an enjoyable vacation, and we are here to help – please don't hesitate to call between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., even if it's a "minor" issue.

Does the cabin have Internet service?

All of our cabin rentals have Wi-Fi service, but there are times when interruptions can occur due to local service provider outages or maintenance issues. This is rare, but if you are conducting business, studying for finals, or waiting for an important email and can't afford to have Wi-Fi down for even a few minutes, then we recommended that you bring a back- up portable hot spot to support your cell service carrier.

I forgot to turn in my canoe/boat waivers. Can I just call and tell you I want to use the canoe?

No. You must sign a waiver to use any water craft. We need one waiver per adult (children's names can go on the bottom of the parent's waiver). Please submit the waivers BEFORE your arrival date so we can get you the code to unlock the canoe. If you have forgotten to fax or scan your waiver you can hand deliver it to the Blue Ridge office located at 1901 Appalachian Hwy. If it's after 5 just leave it in the mailbox. If you need one printed out, please call the 888 875 5669 number and press #2, if someone is in the office, they can assist you with this. (not open on the weekends).

I left something behind at the cabin. What do I do?

Email our office at and let us know what you forgot and where you may have left it. There is a fee of $25 to have anything shipped back. You will also have the option to pick your item up at our Blue Ridge office, but please don't head over there until we confirm the item is available for you to pick up and you have checked our office hours.

Are there any extra fees that I haven't already paid for?

As long as you follow the check-out instructions, you should not incur any extra cleaning fees. If you leave your dishes/pots/pans unwashed and piled on the stove/sink, have thrown garbage in the inside or outside pail without a liner or left dog droppings inside or on the decks of the cabins then you will most likely be charged an extra fee.

Will I have cell service at my cabin rental?

That totally depends on your carrier and where in the Georgia Mountains your cabin is located. Most will get some cell service and we have noted that Verizon and AT&T seem to have the best coverage in the North Georgia Mountains. All of the cabin rentals have land-lines and the number will be listed on your directions ( No long distance calls can be dialed out).

Are we allowed to bring our pets on vacation with us?

We do allow up to 2 dogs for one $49 pet fee at almost all of our cabin rentals. If you would like to bring additional dogs, please check with the staff as some properties allow this and there will be an extra charge of $49/dog. If you are bringing a dog please be sure to read over our "terms and conditions" so you know what we expect. No other pets are allowed.

What do I do with my trash?

Please place all bagged trash in the outside trash cans. (Walnut Mtn guests need to take to the dumpster.) Our cleaners will take your trash away after your depart. If you have excess trash that cannot fit in the outside trash cans provided for you, you have several options. * You can take to our office and place the bagged trash in our dumpster. The address is 950 Appalachian Hwy, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. *You can take to a local dump location (will be a small fee) in Ellijay or Blue Ridge/Mineral Bluff *Or for $20 – Contact our office to arrange for your trash to be picked up during your stay.