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Is there anything more magical than going on a hike and stumbling upon a beautiful waterfall? If you want to refresh yourself or enjoy a gorgeous backdrop for your Instagram photos, you are going to love these four North Georgia waterfalls. In this blog, we’re sharing our favorite spots with you and telling you all about the hike that goes along with them. So, are you ready for a fun adventure in nature? Keep reading, take notes, and start planning your trip today. 

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What Are the Best North Georgia Waterfalls? 

Anna Ruby Falls 

The first waterfall we love to recommend near Blue Ridge is Anna Ruby Falls. Located in the nearby town of Helen, GA, these splendid falls are at the heart of the Chattahoochee Forest and combine two local creeks: Curtis and York. These two creeks join to create the Anna Ruby twin falls. It’s a great spot to explore if you don’t feel like hiking a lot. Indeed, a 0.4-mile path takes you directly from the parking lot to the falls.  

Fall Branch Falls 

Another close waterfall near Blue Ridge is Fall Branch Falls. There’s something so peaceful about this cascading waterfall in the middle of the forest. A 0.9-mile hike will take you there, which means it’s accessible to every age. Take your children for a fun day in nature and reward them with a splash in the water! 

Benton Falls 

Benton Falls, located in the Cherokee National Forest, is a fun waterfall to take your little ones to. There, you can marvel at the staircase-like features of the falls, as well as walk alongside it! We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and being careful not to slip. You will need to hike 1.5 miles through a lush forest to get there, so pack a picnic and enjoy a scenic lunch by the water after your walk! 

Turtletown Creek Falls 

If you’re looking for a more rugged waterfall, one that makes you feel like you just discovered an oasis in the forest, head over to Turtletown Creek Falls! Even though it’s located in Tennessee, it’s only a 40-minute drive from Blue Ridge, GA. Sit on the rock with your feet in the water as you gaze at this double waterfall and still pool in front of you. It’s a prime location for swimmingso don’t forget your bathing suit! It will feel amazing to jump in the water after hiking the 3.8-mile loop trail.  

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