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Have you ever been horseback riding in Blue Ridge, Georgia? If not, you are missing out! Seeing the breathtaking North Georgia mountains atop the back of a fine equine is one of the best ways to enjoy the peace and nature that these mountains have to offer. Whether you consider yourself to be a beginner or experienced rider, taking in the scenery from a few feet higher is one of the best ways to enjoy the views!

Many people consider hiking, biking, and off-roading to be the best ways to take in the fresh mountain air – but folks who horseback ride in Blue Ridge may have to disagree! Many families and friends choose to try horseback riding in Blue Ridge and return year after year for this unique bonding experience. Horseback riding in the mountains is a great way to complement your stay in one of our beautiful Blue Ridge cabin rentals!

Adventure Trail Rides is one of the local riding stables in Blue Ridge. Nestled deep in the forests, this business specializes in safety and fun, promising you a great time as you horseback ride in Blue Ridge. Knowledgeable trail guides and well-trained horses ensure that you have the time of your life!

There are many things that set Adventure Trail Rides apart from the rest, one of them being their calm and friendly steeds. Here they have a variety of mounts to choose from, with horses to suit all ages, experiences, and sizes. These quiet and gentle horses are safe for any level of rider – some have even been used in historical reenactments, remaining calm even amid cannon fire!

Adventure Trail Rides in Blue Ridge offers several different trail options and lengths for you to choose from. Their Valley Trail ride is about one hour in length, offering scenic views and a few rolling hills to enjoy. This trail is all walking and great for all levels of riders! The Cashes Trail offers you one-and-a-half hours of fun and takes you into the mountains, even working the speed up to a trot for some real fun. This trail is also known for its wildlife viewing potential!

Want a little something extra special? Adventure Trail Rides offers several other trails that you may be interested in. Reserve you space on the Picnic Ride and enjoy a lunch along a gently flowing and secluded creek. The Sunset Ride offers you a breathtaking glimpse of the setting sun over the North Georgia mountains and is one of everyone’s favorite horseback rides.

The Fairy Cross Ride is another extraordinary experience. This treasure hunt promises you’ll take home a cool and unique souvenir. Fairy crosses are only found a few places in the world – the mountains of Blue Ridge being one of them! Lasting about one-and-a-half hours, this ride is an experience that you won’t soon forget.

Any of the horseback rides in Blue Ridge can be made private excursions for an additional fee. Adventure Trail Rides in Blue Ridge also offers special proposal and romantic rides for a dreamy evening you will remember for a lifetime. The staff of this horseback riding adventure in Blue Ridge will go above and beyond to make your experience unique and one-of-a-kind.

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