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If you haven’t made plans yet for some summer-time fun, definitely consider a vacation in the Mountains of North Georgia. Even if you only have a long weekend this should be on the top your list of things to do this year! The beautiful scenery of both the mountains in Blue Ridge and the Ellijay are something that shouldn’t be missed. With lush green forests, crisp cool air, peaceful surrounding and endless amounts of sunshine make it the perfect place to relax and rest for your summer vacation in the Georgia Mountains.

With summer comes a few dangers and misconceptions for vacationers that visit this one of a kind scenery each year. It is important to keep the following summer safety tips in mind when spending a lengthy amount of time in the mountains of North Georgia.

Sunshine and Skin Protection
It’s super hot in Georgia and vacationing in the Georgia Mountains is no exception. The cool breeze may fool you into thinking you’re not burning but those harmful rays of the sun are still getting through. It’s important, especially if you plan to enjoy the outdoors, to apply the correct SPF to your body every few hours to avoid the harmful damage long term exposure can cause to the skin. Protect your eyes with the proper sunglasses or hat and remember to apply sunscreen regularly! Long days in the sun also may cause dehydration such as dry mouth, headaches or dizziness. It is important to bring an ample amount of water when hiking or enjoying the outdoor summer sun. A sunburn or visit to the hospital is definitely not the kind of souvenior or story that you want to take home from your summer vacation in the North Georgia Mountains!!

Insects can be pesky little creatures and the North Georgia Mountains are loaded with them. Any amount of time spend outdoors puts you at risk of bug bites or bee stings. It is important to bring insect repellent and apply before going outdoors. Wooded areas are often where insects such as mosquitos and ticks can be present. It may be a good idea to spray the outside of your shoes with bug repellent as well to keep them from crawling up your body.

A vacation in the North Georgia Mountains wouldn’t be complete without a good bit of swimming. With so many great lakes, both big and small it’s one of the most relaxing things to do on a hot summers day! While swimming can be a blast, it is important to keep in mind all the dangers that come with being around large bodies of water. Never swim alone and always tell someone what your plans are when swimming. Use the buddy system or swim with a flotation device when swimming long distances. Children who do not know how to swim will need to wear the correct life vests while adults keep a close eye on all kiddos.

Remember to keep cool on those long summer days and enjoy the cool air conditioning of our Blue Ridge cabin rental once the day has come to an end!