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Are you looking to spend part of your summer in the mountains? Consider visiting North Georgia! Whether it’s weekend or a week-long staythe Blue Ridge’s beautiful scenery is the perfect remedy for any stress accumulated throughout the yearHere, lush green forests, crisp cool air, peaceful surroundings, and endless amounts of sunshine create your haven at Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals. Keep reading to discover our favorite summer activities in North Georgia and start planning your trip today! 

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Make the Most of the Season with These Fun North Georgia Summer Activities 

Summer in North Georgia: How to Prepare 

Summer is a wonderful time to visit Blue Ridge, GAThis season comes with a certain number of misconceptions and safety tips for vacationers that are important to prepare for. Here are some you should know about before coming to our beautiful mountains: 

Sun and Skin Protection 

One of the biggest perks of spending the summer in Blue Ridge is the wonderful weather. You can expect lots of sunshine and blue sky as well as cool breezes. Sun protection is important if you plan to enjoy the outdoors, so apply sunscreen with the correct SPF every few hours to avoid any harmful damage from long-term sun exposure. You’ll also want to protect your eyes with sunglasses or a hat. 

Long days in the sun may also cause dehydration such as dry mouth, headache, or dizziness. Be sure to bring an ample amount of water when hiking or enjoying other activities outdoors 

Insect Protection 

Insects can be pesky little creatures, and North Georgia has lots of them in the summertime. We highly recommend bringing insect repellent and applying it before going outdoors to avoid bug bites or bee stings. Remember to spray the outside of your shoes as well, and be sure to take a shower when you get home. 

Swimming Advisory 

Our region is home to some beautiful rivers and lakes. One of our favorite summer activities is swimming, and we want to make sure our guests are safe, especially if you are traveling with kids. Never swim alone and always tell someone what your plans are when swimming. Use the buddy system or swim with a flotation device when swimming long distances. Children who do not know how to swim will need to wear the correct life vests while adults keep a close eye on all kiddos. 

What to Do 


Now that you’re prepared for your trip, it’s time to pack your itinerary with fun activities! We already mentioned that Blue Ridge offers rivers and lakes for swimmingand it's also a great place to fish. Pack a pair of waders for an unforgettable fly-fishing experience in the river. Orif you would rather stay on dry land, try fishing from the banks of the Toccoa River which is stocked with fish during trout season. 

If you plan to stay out all day, make sure you pack a small lunch, snacks, and plenty of water to keep you hydrated while fishing in the North Georgia Mountains. Note that you will need a fishing license for these activities, but if you are staying in a Morning Breeze Cabin Rental and are fishing at the property, you won’t need to worry about that! 


Another wonderful summer activity in North Georgia is hiking. Long Creek Falls offers a short hike up to a beautiful, flowing waterfall with small rapids down below. Most of this area is shaded, but you will want to bring some sunscreen just in case! There are quite a few trees near the falls that provide places to rest. Set up a portable hammock or plan a picnic with family and friends. 


Tubing is the perfect summer activity for families with small children or groups who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a calm float down the Toccoa River. Tubing is available on the upper Toccoa in Blue Ridge and in the lower park of Toccoa in McCaysville. 


For a more thrilling adventure on the water, rafting is the perfect option. From March to Octoberthe Ocoee River comes alive and invites visitors from all over to experience the whitewater rapids at their peak. Over 300,000 people raft down the Ocoee each year, and you could be one of them! Canoes and kayaks are also available for those who want to try something a little different on the river. 

Horseback Riding 

If you want to create unique memories during your trip, consider going horseback riding. Take a walk on the wild side and explore the stunning wonders of the North Georgia Mountains on horseback. North Georgia Equestrian Tours offers trail rides in the Cohutta Wildlife Management Area. They have rides for adults and children of all ages as well as activities for children who may be too small to ride alone or with someone else.  

Go on a Scenic Drive 

Take a delightful scenic drive through Blue Ridge, Georgia! Put the top down on your convertible, roll the windows down in your car, or rumble the engine of your motorcycle and hold on for a scenic ride on some of the most beautiful roads in the country. 

Visit Mercier Orchards 

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Mercier Orchards, you're missing out! During the summer, blueberries and late-blooming strawberries are in season. Check the orchard’s schedule for “you-pick” dates and times, which is a family-friendly activity with some pretty yummy rewards. After an hour or so of picking, you may find your tummy rumbling for more than just berries. Pull up a chair at Mercier’s little cafe and choose from a variety of paninis, wraps, and their specialty, pecan-crusted chicken salad. 

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