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11 Mar 2018
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Blue Ridge

If you live anywhere in the Southeast you are probably familiar with the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains located in North Georgia. Downtown Ellijay and Blue Ridge are both only about a 90 minute drive North up I-75/575 from downtown Atlanta, Georgia. If you are seeking some much needed down-time with a good dose of rest and relaxation, grab the family, grab some friends, turn on the radio and head on up to the gorgeous mountainsof Blue Ridge, Georgia.We’re on “mountain time” in North Georgia and everything slows down just a bit as the terrain turns from delicate hills to majestic mountains. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery as it drifts by your window. Let the ambiance of the mountains seep into your soul as you slowly feel the weigh of your everyday stress just slip away.

No mountain trip would be complete without renting a luxurious mountain cabin. You’ll fall asleep under a canopy of stars and wake up to the cool crisp mountain air as you step out onto your private deck with a steaming cup of savory hot coffee or a delicious herbal tea. There’s always plenty to do while relaxing in your private home away from home but if you do decide to venture out and away from your cabin, there’s plenty of wonderful activities and events that we’re sure you will enjoy. The specialists at Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals have put together a list of “must see” things in and around Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Hike to a waterfall
Branch Falls and Long Creek Falls are just two of our favorite waterfalls! Pack a picnic and head out with your friends and family for a day of hiking and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. After a long hike, get rewarded with the beautiful picturesque view of the waterfall! Take a moment to snap a few pictures and be sure to tag Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals!

Scenic Drives
Scenic drives are among one of the top things to do in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are so many incredible mountain roads to choose from and these excursions can range from as little as an hour, to ½ day or if you’re up for it, a full day trips filled with spectacular views, crystal clear lakes and an abundance of wildlife. The mountains are filled with vibrant color in the fall and in the winter you can see for miles. Along the scenic drive you may stumble across some famous attractions so be sure to leave enough time to enjoy a few along the way!

Did you know that Fannin County is the trout fishing capital of Georgia? You can find over 100 miles of creek, lakes, and streams in the area with plenty of fishing! Toccoa river River, Cooper Creek and Noontootla Creek are just some of the creeks and rivers you can find yourself catching fish this year! Reserved for those true fisherman, the Tickitaly creek in Ellijay, is well known amongst the elite fishers all over the country for the unbelieveable trout that you will be pulling out. For more information on size restrictions etcetera, please visit

Fine Dining
North Georgia has some incredible eateries and downtown Blue RIdge is at the top of the list to find a few amazing places to eat! With a mixture of fine country cooking and farm fresh upscale cuisine – there is something for everyone! The staple items of North Georgia include fresh caught trout, apple pie, local BBQ, fresh biscuits and sweet tea – be sure to grab these “must have” items before heading out of town!
Before leaving North Georgia be sure to stop by Mercier Orchards for a few sweet treats! We promise you won’t be disappointed!