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Staying in a Blue Ridge or Ellijay cabin rental is a blast! Sometimes after a long day of shopping in Blue Ridge, fishing, or eating at local restaurants. It's nice to come back to your Morning Breeze Cabin Rental and enjoy some fun board games! We've compiled a list of our favorites below.

Although we wouldn't blame you if you just stayed and relaxed in your North Georgia cabin the entire trip. However, we recommend exploring our beautiful region! Access our complimentary North Georgia Vacation Guide that's full of the best sites, shops, and restaurants in our beautiful mountain region.


Best Boards Games for Cabins

Apples to Apples

Known as "the game of hilarious comparisons," Apples to Apples is a great pick for families with older children and groups of adult friends. You'll find yourselves laughing at odd pairings of words and even get a little competitive as everyone tries to collect the most cards. Perfect for large and odd-numbered groups, Apples to Apples is a classic crowd favorite among modern board games.(If you have young kids, check out Apples to Apples Junior for a kid-friendly edition that's just as much fun!)

Balderdash (up to 6 players)

Another fun word game for older kids and adults is Balderdash, "this hilarious bluffing game." Players will make up phony definitions to words and have the other players guess at which definition is correct. You get points for guessing the correct definition and points for bluffing the other players. Everyone will have fun tapping into their creative side with Balderdash.

The Game of Things

Make fun memories and really get to know the people you're staying with in The Game of Things. There are no right or wrong answers in this game—just whatever you can think of after the topic card is read aloud. Maybe it's something like "Things in a laboratory ..." After each player comes up with an answer, the judge has to figure out who said what. And trust me, you're sure to be surprised by what you hear!

Monopoly (2 to 8 players)

The classic board game Monopoly has been around for ages, but that doesn't mean it's lost
its appeal. Monopoly is still a great game for small groups that has you wheeling and dealing for bigger and better properties. If you have young kids, pair up and play as partners. This is a great opportunity to teach about counting and the value of money and to spend time as a family in the process. You might also want to check out Monopoly Junior for younger kids who are ready to play on their own.

Quelf (3 to 8 players)

A relatively new game, Quelf is quickly becoming a party favorite for hilarious game nights with friends and family. Quelf is all about breaking the ice and helping everyone to have a great time! The game itself is simple. Roll a die. Pull a card. If you do what it says, then you advance. But it's what's on the card that makes the game fun. Maybe you have to balance a shoe on your head or sing a song while standing on one leg. Whatever it is, this game will get you up off your feet and laughing all night!

Risk (2 to 5 players)

If your group is looking for a game that's more on the serious side—a game that gets you thinking, that challenges you, and that gives you a chance to strategize—you should try Risk, "the game of global domination." Use your troops to invade new territories, and see who is left standing at the end. Keep in mind this game is not meant for quick afternoon play. You might start this game on the first night of your vacation and not finish until it's time to leave. But if you're up to the challenge, then take the risk!

Sequence (2+ players)

Is it a card game? Is it a board game? It's both! Sequence combines luck and skill as you try to place 5 chips in a row to beat out your opponents. This game is easy to figure out and fun to play, and the great thing is the game's versatility. You can play with 2 individual players, or you can play with 6 and have partners. Similar to canasta, rummy, and poker, Sequence is a great choice for fun-filled game nights in the cabin.


Do you have your thinking caps on? You'll need them for Scattergories. This game features a 26-sided die that tells you the letter you're working with for each turn. Then you'll have to come up with answers to the prompts on the card. For instance, you might have to think of a president, a type of vegetable, and a tourist city that all start with the letter C. Whoever guesses the most (without matching the answers of another player) gets the points.

Settlers of Catan (3 to 4 players)

Similar to Risk and Monopoly, this game requires some strategy and is designed to be played for a longer period of time. In Settlers of Catan, you'll be building roads and settlements and cities to achieve victory points. Ten victory points wins the game. Sounds simple? Once you get started, you'll realize how fun and challenging this game can be—and why it's been awarded the best-selling game of the year in both Germany and the U.S.!


For a game night in the cabin that can involve even the largest group, try the popular game known as Taboo. In this game, you can include as many players as you like. Simply divide your group into 2 teams, and each person will have a chance to describe a word to his/her group. But, just like the name implies, certain words are "taboo," and you'll be buzzed for saying them. You'll have to get creative to get your team to guess correctly, but you'll have "unspeakable fun" in the process! (And check out our 3+ bedroom cabins in Blue Ridge so your large group has a comfortable space to stay and play!)

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