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Do you think you know nearly everything about Ellijay and Blue Ridge, Georgia? You may want to think again! These North Georgia mountain towns, established in the early 1800's, are steeped in history and rich culture. These North Georgia towns are home to fun facts and trivia you may have never even imagined!

Check out our ten fun facts below about North Georgia. You're sure to be surprised by some of them!

  • The Blue Ridge Mountains have one of the largest mixture of temperate climate plants in the world...second only to East Asia!
  • Gilmer County produces more than half a million apples every season.
  • Ellijay is home to Carters Lake, the deepest man-made lake east of the Mississippi.
  • The famed Blue Ridge Scenic Railway has undergone more than six name changes since its construction in 1886.
  • The name Ellijay is Cherokee for "place of green things" or "many waters."
  • About 1,600 residents call Ellijay home, while nearly 1,300 reside in Blue Ridge.
  • There is only one high school in the county of Gilmer.
  • The Chattahoochee National Forest was established in 1937 to preserve the forests of the North Georgia mountains.
  • Ellijay's largest employer is Gold Kist, a chicken producing company.
  • The famous Georgia Mountain Fair has been held every August since 1950 – that's quite a history!

So there you have it! Ten fun facts about North Georgia, Ellijay and Blue Ridge. Quiz your friends and family or save the knowledge for never know when it could come in handy!