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Pet Friendly Activites

The inviting Mountains of North Georgia are always the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. In both Blue Ridge and Ellijay you’ll find virtually no traffic, no crowds, and no worries about getting a parking spot or even a seat at a good restaurant. These are the perfect places to dress down, sit back and enjoy the cool mountain breeze with the one you love. Well we know the reason that people come on up to and visit these delightful mountain towns. There’s plenty of great shopping, restaurants, festivals, tubing, white water rafter, biking, horseback riding and wineries but how about Fido, Lucky and Sadie… what’s in for them?

Where shall we start…

Both the towns of Ellijay and Blue Ridge are very pet- friendly, many of the restaurants with outdoor seating allow dogs to sit with their owners, as long as they get along well with other furry patrons. You’ll also find water bowls sitting at the doors of many of the shops and other establishments as you stroll through the towns. Roxy, Bailey and Chanel will definitely be excited about spending more time with mom and dad as they explore these fun-loving little mountain hamlets.

What dog doesn’t want to take a long walk in the woods? Well in the North Georgia Mountains there are tons of great trails for the entire family, including four legged members. Here are few State Parks that you will definitely want to check out; Fort Mountain,  Amicalola Falls and Vogel, these all have dozens of places to hike from easy beginner trails all the way up to the more advanced hiker. We’ll let you decide if Dexter or Blondie can make it to the top or if a ½ mile loop will do the trick.

How about swimming, does anyone have a dog that absolutely loves the water? Well, there are tons of lakes, rivers, ponds creeks and streams throughout the North Georgia Mountain area. When you rent one of our pet friendly cabins at Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals, you’ll have plenty of great water cabins to choose from. All are located on private property where your dog can swim to its heart content.

Maybe your little fur-baby’s idea of a vacation is just lounging around on a back porch on a big comfy sofa or maybe sitting in the shade under a big oak tree with sounds of the birds chirping and frogs croaking in the back-ground as they take an afternoon nap. I bet you’ll find mom and dad just a few feet away relaxing in a rocker or soaking away all their stress in the soothing waters of the steamy hot tub.

We at Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals just love when our guests bring their extended furry family. In fact we believe so strongly in keeping the entire family intact while vacationing that we don’t charge any fees or deposits. Plus we provide a comfy dog bed and food/water bowls. The mountains of North Georgia have plenty of activities for you and the entire family to keep busy but I believe they are best known for just reconnecting with nature and enjoying the peace and quiet that only being in the mountains can bring.