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Pet Friendly Activites

Are you staying in one of our pet-friendly Georgia cabins for your upcoming North Georgia vacation? Bringing your furry friend to Blue Ridge or Ellijay can be a special treat for the both of you. You and your pet will both be able to relax and enjoy your time away from home, without the concern of boarding your animal in an unfamiliar place.

Having one of your best friends come along on vacation can be fun and rewarding, but only if you travel safely! There are many things to take into consideration before traveling with your pet, but it’s important to keep your companion’s best interest in mind. Follow our four helpful tips below to ensure everyone enjoys their North Georgia vacation.

4 of the Most Helpful Tips for Planning a Pet-Friendly Vacation in North Georgia

1. Secure Your Pet

While it’s common to see small dogs sitting on driver’s laps or cats perched along with the back window of the car, this practice is very unsafe. A sudden stop or car accident can easily uproot your pet, potentially causing them harm or injury. Keep your feline or small dog secured in a crate, or purchase a restraint system for larger dogs. If an injury is going to occur, it will typically be on the road, so restraining your pet during the ride is one of the best ways to ensure their safety.

2. Prepare a Travel Kit 

You don’t travel empty-handed, so why should your pet? It’s important to pack all of the items you need (or even think you might need) for your vacation. Bring along health records in case of an accident, food and water bowls, medication, and even an extra leash and collar for your pet. It’s also a great idea to have a prepared list of veterinarians near your vacation destination.

3. Ensure Tags Aree up to Date 

In a worst-case scenario where your pet gets loose and wanders away on vacation, it is crucial that they are wearing a collar with accurate tag information. From addresses to phone numbers, make sure all information is accurate. Is the number on the tag a home phone number? How will someone reach you on vacation if they find your missing pet? Provide a mobile phone or even an e-mail address so you can easily be reached away from home.

4. Make Your Pet Comfortable

Spending time away from home puts your pet out of their element and can often make them uncomfortable or nervous. When you arrive at your North Georgia cabin rental, take your pet on a long walk to release any tension from the car ride. Allow them to explore the cabin and show them where their food and water will be kept. Bringing along their bed from home or even a t-shirt that smells familiar can help your pet relax and enjoy their vacation.

Stay in a Pet-Friendly Cabin Rental with Morning Breeze 

With the holidays right around the corner,  now is a perfect time to plan ahead to bring your furry friend to enjoy our luxurious pet-friendly cabin rentals! Pets stay free and we look forward to seeing your pet this year at Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals!