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Planning Your Vacation

The beauty of the North Georgia Mountains is evident! At Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals, we have many wonderful places for you and your family to come and create some wonderful memories together. While you’re visiting your luxurious cabin rental, visiting the natural swimming holes, springs, creeks, and rivers that surround the North Georgia Mountains are the perfect places to beat the summer heat.

Here you can avoid the crowds of swimming pools and cool off in an area surrounded by forest and grass – avoiding the chlorine has never been sweeter!These beautiful and treasured waterways can be fun for everyone in your family, however, swimming in these natural places does come with some inherent dangers.

Luckily, these dangers can be minimized by educating yourself and your family. Exercising caution around all water can reduce risk, particularly if you and your family know what to look for. Check out our river, creek, and water safety tips below so you can enjoy the natural swimming holes that Blue Ridge, Georgia, has to offer!

Make sure someone knows where you are.

Always have a swimming buddy and never enter the water solo. Tell a friend or family member of your plans and let them know what time you can be expected to return home. This way, if an accident occurs or you get stranded, someone will be able to alert authorities.

Pay attention to currents.

Most accidents occur due to strong currents, so always pay attention to what’s going on downstream before entering the water. Very strong currents in rivers can pin you against objects such as rocks or downed trees, putting you in serious danger. Large rivers have many hidden currents below the surface, so always be wary of wading in.

Be careful when jumping in. 

Most importantly, never dive in head first! You never know what’s lying under the water’s surface, and diving head first into an object can result in serious injury. It’s always best to wade in to check the depth of the water before taking the plunge – even if others are jumping off without concern.

Don’t go barefoot. 

With natural swimming holes come sharp rocks and sometimes broken glass. Purchase a pair of slip-on aquatic shoes that are designed to dry quickly and protect your feet from hazards. These can also help prevent slipping on mossy rocks!

Be wary of moss.

Moss and algae covered rocks can be deceivingly slippery! Always proceed with caution and drop to your hands and knees to crawl across particularly hazardous spots. You can even bring a towel to help provide traction at crossings.

Practice caution near waterfalls.

One of nature’s most beautiful wonders can be very enticing but also very dangerous. Never stand directly under a waterfall, as rocks and objects can flow over the falls and strike you. Be cautious of swimming in the upper pools of waterfalls, as the current can unexpectedly send you over the edge.

Watch out for snakes.

Water dwelling snakes love the creeks and rivers as much as we do! Never stick your hands or feet into holes or places you can’t see and always keep an eye on sunny banks for basking snakes. Often they won’t bother you unless you bother them, but it’s best to proceed with caution.

Don’t drink the water. 

Never, ever drink the water from rivers or creeks. Even if the water appears to be clean, it can often be home to bacteria and sometimes chemicals from farms upstream. If you are very concerned about the safety of the water, don’t submerge your head or enter the water with open cuts or wounds.

Avoid alcohol. 

Consuming alcohol increases your risk of drowning and makes you more likely to slip and fall. It’s best to never drink and swim. Also, always avoid bringing glass around water sources to avoid sharp shards if something breaks.

Play it safe with rope swings.

Rope swings are one of the most fun ways to take the plunge, but always remember and instruct people to let go – swinging back to land will likely result in you hitting something. Never loop your hand or foot around the rope and ensure you have a good grip before swinging out.

If you have any questions regarding water safety or need assistance finding the perfect cabin rental for your next vacation, please call us at 888-875-5669.