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Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals prides itself in being the pet friendliest cabin company in the North Georgia Mountains. We welcome all responsible guardians and their well-behaved dogs in most of our luxury cabins. These cabins offers dog amenities such as comfy beds, food and water bowls. We have no size restrictions, and up to two dogs are welcome to stay in the cabin with you.

Currently, there is no additonal cleaning fee or outrageous pet deposit when bringing your dog along, just a $49 pet fee for your entire stay. We feel fortune to have such a lenient pet policy  and to continue this practice we expect renters to take care of their dogs while visiting one of our properties. Understandably, if your pet causes any damage, soiling or excessive cleaning requirements, such as hair on furniture or bedding, you will be responsible for the additional cleaning fee.

We have provided one pet bed in each cabin. However, if you would like your dog to sit with you on the furniture or bed you must bring you own covering such as an old sheet or blanket to prevent any damages or excess hair. This will also ensure that the furnishings are protected against muddy paws, sharp nails, or any other potential soiling.  Morning Breeze Cabin Rentals will charge an additional cleaning fee for soiled items or excessive pet hair on comforters, rugs, sofa, and other items.

Accidents happen, so if it does, please clean it up promptly and if you can’t clean it properly, please give us a call at 888-875-5669.

There are no leash laws in Gilmer or Fannin Counties. Consequently, you may have doggie visitors to your cabin or you may encounter unleashed dogs while on a walk. For your pets protection, always be in control of your dog – and do not assume that the other dog you meet is friendly, although many of them are super friendly and just want to say hi.

Here is a quick summary of what we expect when you are traveling with your dog:Guests agree to pay for any damages caused by their pets.

  • Guests agree to pay for any damages caused by their pets.
  • Guests agree that they will not use any linens or towels on pets other than the pet towels brought by Guests.
  • Pets shall not be left uncrated while alone in cabin.
  • If pets have an accident in cabin, all clean up will be performed by the Guests and deposited in outside garbage cans. Guests agree that failure to comply with clean-ups of either inside cabin or outside cabin will result in an additional cleaning charge of not less than $50.
  • Guests agree to be in full control of their pets at all times and take full responsibility for their pets well-being. There are no leash laws, so guests should plan accordingly.
  • Guests agree that they will be charged a cleaning fee of not less than $50 if pet hair causes a delay in cleaning services.
  • If any of these Pet Policy items are not met, Guests are in violation of this Agreement/Contract. Guests agree that by signing this Agreement/Contract, they are authorizing Agents to charge Guests credit card on file for any damages sustained.