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Meet Roxanne

Hey y’all, let me introduce myself!

My name is Roxanne Young and I was born and raised in Florida. I’ve been coming to the mountains since even before I was born! I was practically born with boots on my feet and a fist full of dirt in my hands. My heart has always been in this beautiful, healing place; I moved here six years ago and have never looked back. Horses have always been a part of my life and I have managed to make them a part of my living, breathing moments each and every day.

From being a veterinary technician for 25 years to having my own training and breeding facility, I have experienced some incredible things in my life and am very blessed to have made this journey. My equine disciplines have been English to Western. I have traveled all over the Southeastern United States and out West barrel racing for 20 years. For the past 15 years, I have been the Florida gate director at one of the largest barrel racing associations in the country. Five Star guests are welcome to vist the bard during their stay as long as the Barn Rules are followed.


The Horses point of view:

  • Please be nice to us, but not too nice, because we will take advantage of the opportunity of you not paying attention!
  • Pet us – we love it – but firmly. Barely touching us tickles us and we think you are a fly (so we might swat at you).
  • Remember, we love treats, but only use the ones provided for us. And not too many, because we can get a belly ache.
  • Do not scream, run, or play in the alleyway of the barn. We are very aware of our surroundings, and if you do that we may think something is wrong and become scared.
  • Do not open stall doors and come into our bedrooms – you don’t know us and we don’t know you, so please respect our privacy. You can, however, pet me all you want through my window.

Basic Barn Rules:

  • Please, NO SMOKING in the barn. There is a place out in front of the barn where you can sit and enjoy and discard your cigarettes.
  • No one is allowed in the barn without a 5 Star Lodge and Stable employee.
  • No one is allowed in the Medicine and Tack Room.

Thank you for following our Rules and please enjoy your stay at The 5 Star Lodge & Stables!